Did you get a new camera for Christmas? Maybe you still haven’t figured out what ALL of those buttons mean on your Canon Rebel or your Nikon D(whatever number). Maybe you wish that your iPhone photos looked just as awesome as everyone else’s on Instagram. I am here to help!


Personal lessons will be catered to what YOU want to know… what you NEED to know! How do I stop blurry photos? What does white balance mean? Do I need to shoot RAW files? How do I make it Black and White? Should I back up my images? How do I get a rectangular photo on Instagram when its a square format? I will answer all of these questions and any others you may have. We will set up a list before hand, find a place to meet and talk, make some images, discuss them and loop back around to make sure when you leave, you are shooting better than before! Questions afterwards? I will be there to help.

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The pricing is on an hourly basis with a minimum of one hour. Please call 862 354 1137 or email me at for details. I’d love to help you become a better photographer!