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The New Jersey State Fair, Augusta NJ

I only went a few times and brought a limited amount of equipment. Mainly just my 50mm lens. I did get to judge the Chili Competition for a second year in a row and it was really awesome! Anyhoo, here are my favorite images…

DSCF7304 DSCF7302 _ROB8284 _ROB8256 _ROB8244 _ROB8231 _ROB8228 _ROB8212 _ROB8198 _ROB8187 _ROB8158 _ROB8153 _ROB8125 _ROB8120 _ROB8103 _ROB8097 _ROB8069 _ROB8050 _ROB8043 _ROB8040 _ROB8035 _ROB8033 _ROB8008 _ROB8002 _ROB7988 _ROB7971 _ROB7945 _ROB7935 _ROB7932 _ROB7911 _ROB7894 _ROB7878 _ROB7859 _ROB7847 _ROB7833 _ROB7825 _ROB7812 _ROB7810 _ROB7798 _ROB7782 _ROB7727 _ROB7722 _ROB7713 _ROB7706

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