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Sarah, Mike, + Mary, Frankford NJ

I photographed their wedding and recently did an awesome maternity session complete with a pitchfork and chickens. Well now it’s Mary’s turn. So much love for this little beauty.

_ROB0131 _ROB0319 _ROB0315 _ROB0307 _ROB0285 _ROB0277 _ROB0259 _ROB0251 _ROB0207

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Quinten Radimer, Frankford NJ

I grew up across the street from Jason. We use to play together way back in the day and his mom drove our school bus. No he and Bess have a gorgeous little guy named Quinten. A real charmer this guy, watch out ladies.

0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011

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The Last Studio Sessions

So this past weekend was the last of my studio sessions. I want to thank everyone who came in and supported this endeavor. Clients who couldn’t make it are calling and emailing for last minute Christmas card/Family portraits and if I am available I will come to you!

Here are just a few of my favorites from the last sessions, email me for pricing on on location shoots and yes I will be doing Spring Portrait Sessions in 2015, more to come as we see the temps warm up!

_ROB4500 _ROB4583 _ROB4981 _ROB4994 _ROB5043 _ROB5431 _ROB5543 _ROB5770 _ROB6089 _ROB6136 _ROB6173 _ROB6352 _ROB6422 _ROB6425 _ROB6459 _ROB6615 _ROB6729

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Willa Thomasson’s Christening, Vernon NJ

Kate and I photograhed the wedding of Kate and Patrick a few years ago in the same church that baby Willa was christened in last Saturday. The calmest baby I have ever seen. Period. So chill. Her parents are pretty awesome as well. And Great-Grandpa. Everyone. Everyone was awesome.

_ROB0637 _ROB0721 _ROB0754 _ROB0871 _ROB0914 _ROB1068 _ROB1069 _ROB1075 _ROB1084

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Madelynn DeMartini, At the Studio

At just four months old this little girl knew what to do. Grandma came along with mom and she was able to help breakout a smile, but really… with eyes like that every photo came out awesome!

_ROB1023 _ROB1109 _ROB1200 _ROB1248 _ROB1255 _ROB1270 _ROB1274 _ROB1330

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Piper Ireland, at her home

Piper recently hit the 3 month mark and I got to hang out with her and take photos. Her mom, Jill, made iced tea and was drooled on. We might have ruined a piece of furniture as well. It was a pretty awesome morning…

_ROB2528 _ROB2534 _ROB2542 _ROB2649 _ROB2664 _ROB2684 _ROB2748 _ROB2780

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The Geaney’s, at the Studio

Pat and Melissa’s wedding I talk about at least once a month. It was full of good looking people there to party! Well these two now have a good looking person of their own, Juliet. She is just the tiniest sweetest baby around, see for yourself…

_ROB7202 _ROB7260 _ROB7290 _ROB7320 _ROB7387 _ROB7397 _ROB7407 _ROB7431

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Greenlee Jaust, Culver Lake NJ

This baby… I mean come on… really? Do they get sweeter? Greenlee was very patient and her mom Mandy let me rearrange some furniture and bring in my portable stage just so I could shoot the best light. Congrats Mandy and Matt on an incredible little girl.

newjerseybabyphotographer _ROB2106 _ROB2108 _ROB2126 _ROB2143 _ROB2146

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Mia Houghtaling, at home.

When I left Mia’s house she was right where I left her. Napping in her little nest of blankets and pillows. She is truly a sweetheart, just like her brother Wyatt was at that age. Can’t wait to see these guys again.

newjerseynewbornphotographer newbornphotos _ROB0599 _ROB0622 _ROB0627

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Maisie Coleman, Poughkeepsie NY

Sweet little Maisie was so tired she barely woke up while I was at her home. She is a total munchkin and her parents couldn’t be more happy!

newjerseynewbornphotographer _ROB7268 _ROB7291 _ROB7333

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