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Summer is Here!

Summer is for exploring and swimming. Showing the kids all my favorite places this summer. Stokes State Forest.

DSCF6625 DSCF6628 DSCF6634 DSCF6640 DSCF6645 DSCF6647 DSCF6650 DSCF6654 DSCF6661 DSCF6664 DSCF6671

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Personal work…

Even though it is my career, photography is also my hobby. I make images very single day of my life. I am overwhelmed by it. Not just looking at old tim cameras on EBAY late at night or trying new iPhone apps, but envisioning photos I have in my head that I want to, no, that I NEED to make. Here is a bunch of recent images…

_ROB0265 _ROB4436 _ROB4444 DSCF5561 DSCF5717 DSCF5733 DSCF5821 DSCF5900 DSCF5903 DSCF5905 DSCF5908 DSCF6046 DSCF6056 DSCF6062 DSCF6064

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EyeEm World Tour, NYC

Last night I went to the EyeEm world tour in NYC. Last year I was one of 10 finalists in the Portrait category of the 2014 EyeEm Photography Awards. Although I didn’t win, my photo has traveled as part of this exhibition around the world including Berlin, Tokyo, Toronto and Art Basel in Miami. Last night it came to NYC and I got to see my baby girl projected on the wall. The original photo was taken with an iPhone 5 and is the last photo in this post.

DSCF5566 DSCF5567 DSCF5584 DSCF5585 DSCF5590 DSCF5594 DSCF5595 DSCF5601 DSCF5607 DSCF5608 DSCF5611 DSCF5613

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset



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Track Meet, Toms River NJ

Meredith and Jake are running winter track with the Fredon Polar Bears this year. Thought we’d see if they like it. While it’s still in the air a bit… Kate and I are super proud of them.

DSCF5337 DSCF5345 DSCF5347 DSCF5348 DSCF5357 DSCF5360 DSCF5363 DSCF5364 DSCF5367 DSCF5373 DSCF5374 DSCF5378 DSCF5380 DSCF5384 DSCF5386

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Scenes from 2015 so far…


I like winter light, I hate the cold.


Again, winter light I love. Bitter cold, I hate.


Gwendolyn on the side of the road.


Kate has been making homemade bread. It is amazing and the whole house smells good.


Meredith and Jake are running winter track with the Fredon Polar Bears.


More track practice.

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Milda + Greg, Layton NJ and Milford PA

Milda is from Lithuania, and it is a tradition there that the groom carry his bride across a bridge on the wedding day.

“It symbolizes their connection and togetherness.”

That’s what I found on the inter webs, but Milda’s MOH says it has to do with, “no matter how hard it was carrying her across the bridge, in life/marriage, things will be harder.” Everyone laughed out loud at hearing this while on our way to Grey Towers in Milford.

_ROB3566 _ROB3673 _ROB3682 _ROB3811 _ROB3864 _ROB3871 _ROB3872 _ROB3910 _ROB3941 _ROB3972 _ROB3986 _ROB4018




_ROB4068 _ROB4087 _ROB4101 _ROB4152 _ROB4191 _ROB4249 _ROB4254 _ROB4333 _ROB4373 _ROB4379 _ROB4395 _ROB4403 _ROB4423 _ROB4432

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Lauren + Joshua, Otesaga Resort, Cooperstown NY

What can I say about this wedding? About these two lovebirds? The best word, one I use a lot, is AWESOME! A gorgeous location on a perfect day in August with two of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph. There are quite a bit to look at here, enjoy.






















DSCF4432 DSCF4431






















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Giuseppe Giovanni “Joe” Cafasso, Morris Lake

My wife’s grandfather, Joe, Grandpa Joe, Poppy as my kids call him, called me one day and said, “Hold July 22nd free. We are fishing Morris Lake.” I was beyond excited… BEYOND! I have always wanted to fish this body of water but it has some pretty strict restrictions. The watershed for the town of Newton, only Newton residents are allowed to fish it and only two per day. That’s it. Two. Maybe three, if you can all fit in the boat the town provides you.

There are no houses on the lake and no other people. There are cliffs, trees, boulders, islands, super clear water, and fish that are hungry. Poppy caught a great largemouth early on that he thought at first was weeds and then I caught a bunch of Bluegills, like I do, and a few smaller bass. Then I watched as a bass came up from the deep weeds and just smacked my clouser I was stripping in.  A good 2 pounder, held up next to the boat and Poppy exclaims, “I waited 2 1/2 hours for that fish!”

A small break for lunch at Krogh’s and my best fish of the day afterwards, it was an incredible day. I cannot wait to go again!

DSCF4303 DSCF4307 DSCF4310 DSCF4314 DSCF4323 DSCF4324 DSCF4328

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Backyard shenanigans…

Our XBOX/DVD player broke and we don’t have cable. True Story.

DSCF3979 DSCF4010 DSCF4007 DSCF4003 DSCF4001 DSCF3994 DSCF3991 DSCF3987 DSCF3981


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Early Saturday Morning

5:30AM with my friends John and Matt at a local lake. It was in the upper 40’s but the water was warm. We tossed flies and caught a bunch of pickerel, crappie, bluegills and one largemouth. It was a perfect morning.

DSCF3960 DSCF3961 DSCF3962 DSCF3964 DSCF3966


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