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The Reeds

I photographed little Rylee Reed earlier this year, with her big sister McKenzie. Way back in the archives you can find McKenzies baby photos, and even further back you can find their parents wedding photos. I love getting to see families grow.







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Alisa’s Dreams Come True 40th Birthday Celebration

My friend Alisa had a huge party this year to celebrate her 40th Birthday. Held at the Historic Castle Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA, there was live band karaoke, amazing food, large selection of adult beverages, and most important her family and close friends. I made a few quick portraits of her children Xavier and Elena, hung out with fellow photographers Aga and Marcin, made a bunch of new friends, and had a blast capturing the night unfold. Here are a few from the evening…



























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The Water Portraits Blog Post

It was the end of July and I was texting my friend Alisa. I told her I had an idea for a portrait of her in my head. It would require her swimming in a dress, low light, clear water, and me not getting my camera wet. A few back and forths and three hours later I was in a creek by her house making this image that I saw. Actually, we did a bunch, and just as we were about to stop she asked if there was anything else…Whoops, forgot the one I came here to make. So Alisa swam to me a few more times and it happened. The photo I wanted was in my metal box I held tightly to it.


After posting the #waterportraits hashtag on Instagram, and sharing images on Facebook, it took off. Clients asked for sessions and I spent a few hours a week in creeks and streams having a blast. I purchased an underwater housing (finally) for my SLR and the whole idea went further.






Then along came the Bacon & Lox Society Creek Dinner. Yes, it was dinner in a creek…in it. (Look for a future blog post on that) I photographed the whole event which was just so incredible I still catch myself daydreaming about it. At the end of the evening, the sun was setting and it was time to make some water portraits. Guests took turns floating, posing, and laughing, feeling free and relaxed as you do in water, it was a perfect ending to an incredible event. Showing everyone little previews on the back of my camera, some discussed already clearing space on their walls for their portrait.









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Sarah, Mike, + Mary, Frankford NJ

I photographed their wedding and recently did an awesome maternity session complete with a pitchfork and chickens. Well now it’s Mary’s turn. So much love for this little beauty.

_ROB0131 _ROB0319 _ROB0315 _ROB0307 _ROB0285 _ROB0277 _ROB0259 _ROB0251 _ROB0207

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The DeMartini’s, Hampton NJ

I have photographed Savannah every year since she was a newborn. I couldn’t believe how big she had gotten. To top it off she was incredibly polite and sweet. Showed nothing but love to her parents and dog, remembered poses in photographs her mother showed me and even asked if I wanted to go swimming with her. I guess I am still cool to toddlers…

0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008

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Quinten Radimer, Frankford NJ

I grew up across the street from Jason. We use to play together way back in the day and his mom drove our school bus. No he and Bess have a gorgeous little guy named Quinten. A real charmer this guy, watch out ladies.

0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011

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The Elias Family

I have photographed Matt, Susie and Cora a few times now and each time I am completely enamored with the three of them together. There is such a closeness and love that is just easy to see. Well now there will be one more the next time I have them in front of the lens. Can’t wait to meet the little one!

_ROB0357 _ROB0375 _ROB0500 _ROB0536 _ROB0561 _ROB0675 _ROB0702

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Sarah + Mike, Frankford NJ

Saturday night the only thing sweeter than the weather was Sarah. I think Mike will agree, I mean he’s OK and all, but Sarah looked amazing. These two are expecting really soon and their little one will have an amazing place to grow up along with two great parents.

_ROB3262 _ROB3309 _ROB3370 _ROB3410 _ROB3441 _ROB3480 _ROB3495 _ROB3503 _ROB3520

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Mia Houghtaling Turns 1

On Saturday Mia had a party at her grandparents house and it was pretty spectacular. I love Greg and Mary and their family, I have been photographing Wyatt, Mia’s brother since he was a newborn and every year I get to see them all again. I even photographed Mary’s brothers wedding at this exact house last year! Great people, great photos.

_ROB7822 _ROB7910 _ROB7934 _ROB7935 _ROB7978 _ROB7996 _ROB8038 _ROB8041 _ROB8077 _ROB8162 _ROB8233 _ROB8250 _ROB8294

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Colette Wasson, Montgomery NY

Gorgeous light, gorgeous house, gorgeous baby, gorgeous family. I love my job. 4 week old Colette was a little cold at times but she was a great subject who was quite interested in the camera.

_ROB7176 _ROB7189 _ROB7237 _ROB7288 _ROB7309 _ROB7346 _ROB7359 _ROB7385 _ROB7393 _ROB7415 _ROB7467 _ROB7480

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