The Water Portraits Blog Post

It was the end of July and I was texting my friend Alisa. I told her I had an idea for a portrait of her in my head. It would require her swimming in a dress, low light, clear water, and me not getting my camera wet. A few back and forths and three hours later I was in a creek by her house making this image that I saw. Actually, we did a bunch, and just as we were about to stop she asked if there was anything else…Whoops, forgot the one I came here to make. So Alisa swam to me a few more times and it happened. The photo I wanted was in my metal box I held tightly to it.


After posting the #waterportraits hashtag on Instagram, and sharing images on Facebook, it took off. Clients asked for sessions and I spent a few hours a week in creeks and streams having a blast. I purchased an underwater housing (finally) for my SLR and the whole idea went further.






Then along came the Bacon & Lox Society Creek Dinner. Yes, it was dinner in a creek…in it. (Look for a future blog post on that) I photographed the whole event which was just so incredible I still catch myself daydreaming about it. At the end of the evening, the sun was setting and it was time to make some water portraits. Guests took turns floating, posing, and laughing, feeling free and relaxed as you do in water, it was a perfect ending to an incredible event. Showing everyone little previews on the back of my camera, some discussed already clearing space on their walls for their portrait.









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