Jersey Summer Bounty, James Beard House NY, NY

Working with chefs are some my favorite photo-shoots. I think chefs and photographers are alike in they love what they do and they do it for other peoples enjoyment on top of their own. I’ve discussed with Andre deWaal and last night a little with Kirk Avondoglio about how they imagine/come up with dishes. They say they know what ingredients taste like so they can put them together in their mind and know if it will work or not. Amazing. But, as a photographer I can relate, somewhat. I see photos, in my head, as if it has already been taken. Last night, the photo in this post of Chefs Brad Boyle, Andre deWaal, Brian Bagley, Kirk Avondoglio and Florian Wehrli standing on the sidewalk, looking at the camera, was the one in my head since Andre first told me about it. But the photo afterwards, of everyone hanging out, getting some air and talking, ended up being my favorite. This is a heavy post, over 50 photos… but its tasty and far from boring.

_ROB7784 _ROB7798 _ROB7806 _ROB7810 _ROB7815 _ROB7829 _ROB7845 _ROB7850 _ROB7873 _ROB7877 _ROB7893 _ROB7908 _ROB7914 _ROB7927 _ROB7943 _ROB7984 _ROB8000 _ROB8028 _ROB8056 _ROB8067 _ROB8071 _ROB8078 _ROB8081 _ROB8084 _ROB8089 _ROB8122 _ROB8132 _ROB8134 _ROB8136 _ROB8140 _ROB8149 _ROB8154 _ROB8165 _ROB8171 _ROB8192 _ROB8194 _ROB8198 _ROB8202 _ROB8213 _ROB8220 _ROB8224 _ROB8245 _ROB8261 _ROB8262 _ROB8297 _ROB8305 _ROB8310 _ROB8322 _ROB8334 _ROB8343 _ROB8354 _ROB8371 _ROB8375 _ROB8395 _ROB8399 _ROB8439

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